The fishing licence shall be worn in a visible way. Fishing licenses solved via web must be presented on mobile or as a printed sms/email. It is the duty of each fisherman to comply with the applicable rules as follows:
1.     Fishing may not start until fishing license is resolved. Fishing licenses are required for anyone          over the age of 15.
2.     Fishing may only take place downstream of the car bridge in Nymölla and on the marked route          in Bromölla. See maps>>
3.     Fishing is only allowed from the first Saturday in Februari to 30 September.
4.     The met ban is valid on both routes from the first Saturday in Februari to 14 March.
5.     Throughout the season, the fishing ban from the car bridge in Nymölla to marking is about 100          m downstream and marked distance in Bromölla at Collins mölla.
6.     Salmon less than 60 cm and trout less than 50 cm must be released.
7.     Max 1 fish (salmon, trout) per person per day. After 1 deceased fish, fishing may continue,                however, all fish caught must be carefully released and fishing must be carried out with a                  barbless hook or with a barbed-down barb.      In autumn fishing (September) it is Catch and              Release, C/R fishing that applies, i.e. that all caught salmon/trout should be released. Here,              too, barbless fishing applies.
8.     Eel fishing prohibited.
9.     Fishing may only take place with one rod per fisherman.
10.   Fishing may only be carried out from land and by wading. Fishing from a boat and footbridge            is  prohibited.
11.   Jerk fishing is prohibited.
12.   Littering is prohibited.
13.   Salmon, Trout, Rainbow Trout, Pikeperch and Pike do not accrue to the catcher until it is                    registered. The re-exposed Trout and Salmon must also be registered. Registration takes                  place at the parking lot in Nymölla and at Möllan in Bromölla. Fishermen who do not register              the catch after completion of fishing will be immediately suspended from further fishing in                  Skräbeån.
14.   Fishermen who behave disturbingly on the river can be barred from further fishing, as well as            fishermen who break the other rules. Catches and gear can also be seized.
15.   We apply the Control Fee of 800 SEK in case of violation of the association's rules.
16.   All poaching is reported to the police.
Board of Directors in January 2023