Information to holders of fishing permits in the SKRÄBEÅN river during the SALMON TROUT FISHING season 2019.

The fishing permit must be worn so that it is easily visible. It is every fisherman´s duty to abide by the following rules and regulations:

1.       If you are 15 or older, you need a fishing permit. Fishing is not to be commenced until a
          fishing permit has been purchased.

2.       Fishing is only allowed downstream from the bridge in Nymölla and the marked stretch
          in Bromolla. See the maps.

3.       Fishing is only allowed between the 1st of March and the 30th of September.

4.       Angling is prohibited in the entire river from the 1st of March to the 14th of March.

5.       Angling from the bridge to a marker approx. 100 meters downstream is prohibited during the
          entire season.

6.       Salmon shorter than 60 cm and salmon-trout shorter than 50 cm in length must be returned.

7.      Max 1 fish (salmon, trout) per person per day. After 1 killed fish, the fishing may        continue, however, all subsequently caught fish shall be re-released gently and the fishery
shall be carried out with a barbless hook or with a pressed barb. At the autumn fishery (September), it is Catch and Release, C / R fishing, that applies, ie. that all caught salmon / trout must be re-released. Here too, barbless fishing applies.

8.       Fishing is only allowed with one fishing rod.

9.       Fishing intended to hook the fish externally is prohibited.

10.     Littering is forbidden.

11.     Salmon and salmon-trout is not considered caught until the fish has been registered.
          Registration is carried out in the car parking area.

12.     Fishermen who conduct themselves in a manner that is annoying to others can be excluded
          from further fishing. This is also the case for fishermen who violate the general regulations. In
          extreme cases of violation of the rules, the catch and fishing equipment can be confiscated.

Nymölla, February 2019

The Board of Skräbeån´s Fishery Conservation Association